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We understand that every client is different, therefore we offer customized packages based on your needs.

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All your doubts, answered.

How long does It takes to get result?

Our onboarding process takes 2 weeks and during that time we are gaining knowledge, writing content and finding prospects for launch. Upon launch we typically see results in the first week of the campaign.

Do you work on a per lead basis

No, we are NOT your typical 3rd party agency who signs you and forgets... Our objective is to build a long lasting successful relationship by being an extension of your team and delivering results.

Whom do I need to involve from my team?

We'll need the involvement of all the stakeholders interacting with your customers. Usually, these are your marketing, sales, and product (delivery) teams. We need this to get a 360° view of the customer, account, and buying committee.

Who will be taking the meetings?

You can choose for your sales team to take the discovery calls or our sales VPs to manage the entire sales process, from lead to close.

Can you do a trial?

Yes, all of our agreements come with a trial period of three months.

Why use Dreamline Digital when I already have SDRs?

Dreamline Digital has access to over 250M contacts world wide - it will take you hundreds of hours to find the contacts and find sales people with the right experience thats needed for an effective campaign. On top of that, we have all of the tools & methodology in place to create a kick-ass campaign.

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