Website Design

We are experts at building fast, responsive and user friendly websites. 

Website Design 

Website design is as important as marketing because it reflects your own brand image. Well designed website is a sign of good branding. Nevertheless, beauty is not the only thing to consider when building a website, other factors such as responsiveness, speed and user experience have to be taken into consideration. Speed load for instance impact your ranking on Google, therefore you need to make sure that your website loads fast in order to be on Google first page !

Conversions and UX

User experience is really important when it comes to converting leads on your website. Thanks to our Web development skills as well as our analytics knowledges combined with our experience we know how to transform your website into a lead generation machine ! Analytics tools help to assess your website visitors and tailor our action to get the most out of your website. 

Responsive Design 

Responsive design means that your website adapts to different screens, whether it is on Mobile, Computer or any other devices your website needs to fit perfectly. Our Web Developers can help you get a responsive design for your website. 

Why You Need a Chinese Website ? 

Chinese people on average very rarely use Google as their main search engine, they use "Baidu", you need a Chinese Website precisely because you want to rank and appear on Baidu so Chinese people can actually find your Website. At Dreamline Real Estate, we build for you the best website, 100% responsive and user friendly to match your need and strat generate Leads in China.   

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