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Website Design

Are you looking to build or rebuild your website ? Would you like a Chinese Website in addition to your main website ?  DREAMLINE REAL ESTATE is dedicated to building lighting-fast, interactive websites to match virtually any goal and budget. 

When visitors browse your website, we want it to be an engaging experience from the get go. We will help you create a website that is search engine friendly, mobile compatible, and easy to maintain. From strategic web development in which we assign converting factors for better understanding your web visitors, to interactive UX along with visual representation and more, our web design team can help you create a far-reaching website that is optimal for delivering the right message, ultimately leading to business growth

Website Design 

We build and customize websites to align with your company goals, reflect its image, and enhance its reputation. Our developers customize ready-made templates, convert websites from other platforms, and build custom websites starting from scratch. Your website will include original content that speaks to its audience and maintains its brand consistency thoroughly with a matching design and easy to navigate structure.

Conversions and UX

Your website should provide an interactive and relevant user experience. By relying on cutting-edge analytics tools, we turn your casual visitors into loyal customers. We help implement various design elements and content writing techniques to improve your website conversion rates. In order to do this, we analyze and understand your target audience and build websites geared towards their needs.

Responsive Design 

A professional website is dynamic and adaptable. Every website we build is fully geared towards performing smoothly on any device, platform, and screen size. We always keep up with the latest web industry standards, trends, and technologies to make sure your website is efficient and technically correct.

Why You Need a Chinese Website ? 

Chinese people on average very rarely use Google as their main search engine, they use "Baidu", you need a Chinese Website precisely because you want to rank and appear on Baidu so Chinese people can actually find your Website. At Dreamline Real Estate, we build for you the best website, 100% responsive and user friendly to match your need and strat generate Leads in China.