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Two Men & A Truck

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Our Client

Two Men And A Truck is the largest moving company in North America, based in Lansing and Toronto. 


The companies franchises around Canada were not implementing the instructions that they were given to make sure their local SEO was up to par. So we went in and took over their backend and got the Canadians Two Men and a Truck franchises back on track.

How We Got There


We examined what the franchises were not doing and compared them to the SEO guidelines​ they were given. We made changes to the SEO guidelines to make it simpler, user friendly and more effective. 


We went into the backend of each franchises site and made the necessary changes. Using google search console we made sure that all of their pages were indexed within three months.


We then continued to create written content for them specific for their region to start organically ranking for regional long tailed keywords with high volume. 


All sites are now on the first page in their regions google search radius. 

We are continuously updating the articles that have the best traction to keep them high in the rankings so they deliver the appropriate traffic that leads to conversion. 



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Services Used

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Management

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