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Madison Wade
Head of Marketing
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Madison Co-Founder of Dreamline Digital has worked on a variety of digital marketing projects including the creation of stable digital currency in developing countries, Swiss VC Fund, and the world's first Cryptocurrency targeting mainstream use. Madison has conducted projects for companies in the education and luxury furniture industries.  He is also credited with starting a successful e-commerce venture focused on the men’s fashion accessories niche. Madison has a global marketing mindset thanks to his experience around the world in Singapore, Korea, Canada, Spain and Hong Kong.



Gregory Martin
Head of Advisers
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Over Gregory's 28 years as a technology executive and Chief Digital Officer, He has established a foundation of leadership in business culture with a people-first approach; recognizing that cohesive teams are core to the effectiveness and productivity of the entire organization. A participative leader, I've demonstrated the connection between individual and group efforts to strategic goals, culture, P&L benefits, "people first" approaches, sales & marketing effectiveness and real market differentiation. 



Corentin Stephan 
Head of Marketing
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Corentin Stephan, an expert at social media marketing, search engine marketing along with search engine advertising. Corentin had experience in a lot of project as a social media adviser dealing with clients such as in the crypto-mining industry. In 2017 he opened a successful lifestyle e-commerce website that generated 500,000 monthly viewers. Corentin's global mindset is accredited to his experience working at a Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong giving him the ability to examine multiple markets around the world intuitively.


Colleen Chapco
Editor & Chief
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To make an impact, organizations require a corporate narrative that is polished and compelling. With the abundance of information available in the Digital Age, the stories that brands tell are most effective when they are flexible and simple. With an MBA, an MA in linguistics, and many years spent working in foreign countries; Colleen is a specialist in linguistics and cross-cultural business communication who creates effective narratives by using marketing as a form of storytelling with high-potential solutions.