Competitive Analysis

For our clients to generate the best results, we analyze other builders (in similar markets) advertising their properties from overseas. In this analysis, we determine the aspects of their campaigns that are working and aspects that are not going, to build off the techniques they are using, to help our clients prevail over the competition. 

Web Design


Within the strategy we give our clients, we outline what we are going to include in the Chinese landing page/website, providing our clients with a  clear vision of what will be made. Additionally, the strategy is a plan for how the website/landing page will generate leads from high net-worth individuals (making sure it appeals to the target audience).



When it comes to generating leads online, paid advertising is a must, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) are the two primary way to advertise online. Client, that have used our services have seen a minimum ROI of 3X. We are professionals and deliver only the best to our customer. We run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, WeChat, Google, Baidu, depending on where the target audience attention mainly is. 

Key Performance indicators (KPI's)


A strategy is nothing without goals and objectives. At Dreamline Real Estate, we do not mess around: we care about growing our client's bottom line. Leads and the increase of leads, for our clients, is the utmost important KPI in our books. In the strategy, we will identify the progress and development of the marketing funnel.  

Marketing Funnel


Having a great marketing funnel is really important when it comes to generating leads online. A funnel is basically everything we will implement for you in order to get the client from not knowing you to actually purchase from you. 

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