Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a must for every Business, at Dreamline Digital we believe that "every company is a media company". Having a strong Social Media Strategy is important because it conveys your brand image. Though Social Media you can send a strong message to your audience and convert a lot of leads into customers. 


Targeting  ​

A good targeting makes all the difference,  It's what enables you to get cheap clicks and leads, We have seen some of our clients decrease their cost per leads drops form 100 dollars to 6 dollars after we helped them with their targeting on Facebook ads. 

Acc​ount Monitoring

Of course managing your account is of paramount importance, not only because you want fresh content to be published on a daily/ weekly basis but you also need to monitor your results. In order to maximize your campaigns, our experts will monitor your campaigns on a daily basis to make sure your ads are always on point ! 

Brand Persona ​

Having a good brand persona enables you to know your audience better and therefore to better target them in the meantime. Good content tailored  to a certain audience makes the difference between good ads and excellent ads. 

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