Organic Search / SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, in other words it's all the actions that can help your website rank higher on Search engines such as Google for instance. 
On Site SEO

It is important to have a good SEO on your website. But what can be done ? Well there are a lot of things that can be done including making sure your keywords are relevant, having a blog, having a website that loads fast.... All those actions will help you rank higher on Search engines and will lead to more traffics and eventually more leads.

Banner Ads/ Search Ads

Baidu | Google

Banner ads as well as Search Ads will boost your SEO very quickly by driving more and more traffic, for instance Google rank higher website that have already a lot of traffic, it is a virtuous circle, the more paid traffic you get and the more organic traffic you will get.  Banner ads will show on websites that are relevant to your business, this can be a very useful tool when used properly. Indeed your ads will be seen by people that are already educated on your industry, therefore giving more chance to convert them into customer. 

Social Media Ads

Wechat | Facebook  | Tik Tok | Instagram

By the same token, Social media ads will help your SEO a lot. Social Media Ads are the most effective ads, you can reach your audience faster and target the right people easily. Our Social media experts have seen that on average our clients get a 358% increase in Lead generation after we implemented Social media ads for them. 

Content Creation 
Content Creation is one of the most important thing when it comes SEO, Visit our Content Creation Page to know more

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