Initially, there was not brand awareness established overseas or nationally. Our first step as a team was to assess the objectives, property listings and ideal client profiles. We first wanted to determine the value proposition on each of the properties to create our client profiles that would then meet or surpass our client's objectives.

In our strategy, we outlined the needs for a new website both nationally and internationally, content output and advertising structures to generate leads for our client.

The first step in the process was to build both a Chinese and Canadian site that we can drive traffic too to create quality leads.



Within the first three months of strategy implementation, we increased website traffic by 300% month over month with decreasing Ad spend! We did this by creating videos and blogs that developed the brand nationally and internationally.

We used an inbound method where the content was informational and inspiring, which encouraged viewers onto the site to either purchase the product or give us their email, allowing us to "retarget".

Also, we used WeChat to drive traffic to the Chinese hosted site for international buyers, and we used facebook/Google ads to drive the appropriate traffic to the national site.



We have found the most success of targeting overseas buyers as they tend to make informed decisions faster and also buy multiple properties. Therefore we have pumped more resources into our foreign targeting along with using targeting functions on Google and Facebook to target abroad buyers that may already be in North America. Therefore we can accomplish the full sphere of potential customers.

400 leads on a small budget ($3,000/Month), we where able to secure a $2.3 Million sale. 


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