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Royal Le Page -St.Regis

(Inbound Marketing)

10 X Traffic | 22 Avg. Monthly In Person Viewings

Our Client

Royal Le Page is a real estate agency which lists luxury properties. The Properties primarily consist of St Regis residence vacancies.


Luxury real estate is on the rise, and Royal Le Page wanted to take advantage of putting their listings where their prospective client's attention is to maximize sales. 

How We Got There


In the beginning, there was not an establishment of brand awareness. Our first step as a team was to assess what other bracelet brands are doing around the world. We looked at what markets they were in, what type of content are they producing and ultimately how they are attracting customers to their stores in a filled market.


This information allowed us to compile the best strategies from competitors and mould it into our own.  


Within the first three months of strategy implementation, we increased website traffic by 300% without the usage of Ads! We did this by creating videos and blogs that developed the brand in its local region (Toronto, Canada). 

We used an inbound method where the content was informational and inspiring, which encouraged viewers onto the site to either purchase the product or give us their email, allowing us to "retarget". 


We continue to grow the presence of Royal Le Page on Google by having a heavy emphasis on bringing our content to the first search result. It is a common adage in the real estate agency market that potential customers will use the first agent they find, therefore this is our continued goal going forward. 



Traffic Increase


Avg. Monthly In Person Viewings

Services Used

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