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Use Content As A Sale Mechanism (B2B & B2C)

As marketers, we are in the business of studying human nature and the concept of desire. Our job is to create that desire for our client's/company's prospects and offer a seamless path to the sale.

Yet sales teams spend 15% of their days leaving voicemails. 20% of sales emails are actually opened (little lone responded to), which really begs the question, are sales led initiatives the most effective way to grow a business? People/companies are creating marketing related content without asking "how is this going to impact behavior and affect our bottom line?"

Discover tips, tools, and tricks to enable your marketing team with content.

As marketers, we should consistently reiterate to prospects and B2B customers that “decision makers consume at least 6-8 pieces of content before they make a buying decision”. The issue is that 20% of salespeople use content to engage with buyers and prospects, therefore decreasing the effectiveness of their sales efforts.

Understanding what your prospects are “Googling” and interested in is essential to establishing that first interaction between company and prospect. For marketers, we have to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and ask the important questions supported by research of online behavior of the target audience.

One crucial question we urge you to ask your sales team is:

“How do we leverage the content we’ve created to assist you in engaging the prospect and closing the sale?”

Help Sales Reps Land Their First Sales Call!

Salespeople know that first impressions are crucial and content can help you say more in a short and effective time window. With the advancements in technology and AI we can personalize content to increase the effectiveness and “humanity” of outreaches, ads and content. Understanding that people whether in B2B or B2C are tired of being interrupted by ads telling them to “BUY NOW” is the first step in creating that essential first impression.

By showing how superior your organization is over the competitors… do something different! People are used to “BUY NOW” advertising and completely ignore it. Advertise by creating two-way communication with your target audience. An example of a two way communication is: "Do not ask what your customers can do for you but ask what you can do for your customers”.

Here is an Idea how you can add some EXTRA Value to your content when you are trying to land that first sales call with a prospect.

  • Build a custom landing page that populates the prospects name, company logo and your value proposition/solutions catered to their businesses needs.

  • Host a live webinar that walks through industry best practices and troubleshoots common issues (i.e. FAQs that appear in sales meetings).

  • (B2B) Read into target companies blogs and send a newsletter with additional tips and tricks they can leverage to multiple mid to higher leaders in the organization.

Use Content to Get Past the “No”

We all know sales reps are used to “No’s” yet in today’s digital world that does not mean GAME OVER. There are multiple avenues to continue the conversation.

When you are in the “No” zone: the perfect strategy is to not talk about your content but to talk about the prospects content instead!

When staying up to date with the prospects content, you can then find their pain points and identify where the prospect can improve, either alone or with the help of your services. (Not being pushy, like expressed before: people are fed up with the “hard sell”).

Content can act as a valuable resource for nurturing prospects that may not be ready for purchase. By showing your expertise and appropriate persistence, you are developing the industry authority in their mind.

Content that builds relationships with customers.

It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Over 20% of customers on average lose business because they are failing to attend customer needs in the relationship.

From a cost, analysis perspective content can make and save companies A LOT of money. Nurturing customer relationships by presenting them content that adds value to buyers experience at different stages in the customer life cycle will ensure that you retain customers for years to come.

For example: provide content on how to use your product or services to its optimal capabilities with an added comment section or have quizzes about how you can improve the customer experience.

Content Turns your customers into advocates and creates more!

Take your marketing efforts to another level by turning your customers into advocates and creating new advocates. Use your current referrals to create thorough business cases on your previous work and video testimonials of your former clients.

For example, Cornell University closed our head of marketing on their Digital Marketing Certificate course because they had a video of a student talking about how much the course added to her career.

Some ways that you can nurture your customer relationship is by trying these techniques:

  • Create an incentive referral program for people who share your product/service via word-of-mouth

  • Open a Slack or Telegram group that provide customers with a sense of community

  • Open opportunities for user-generated content to showcase their experience of the product or service.


A Hubspot study concludes that “companies who reach out to leads within an hour of the first contact are 7x more likely to have a meaningful conversation with decision makers than those who waited more than an hour”.

When sales teams are always on the move, they can not be waiting urgently at their inbox waiting for prospects to respond to their outreach.

Therefore: have a trigger email of content that is automatically sent to the prospect, either immediately or with a 5-10 min delay.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Send prospects a short demo video to keep them engaged while waiting for reps to reach out and schedule a meeting.

  • A “schedule meeting” link

  • Content that is relevant to the solution of their industries typical pain points.

Common Question

The most common question a content marketer advocate runs into is: "how do we track?" While explaining how content marketing leads to more sales to your C-Suite executives can be difficult because there is not a direct conversion as their "BUY NOW" marketing and sales strategies. Hence, content is a long term more effective approach for a businesses success.

Here are ways that you can track the performance of your content marketing efforts:

Ready to do more with content?

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