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The Top 6 Marketing Challenges of 2019

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

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Over the last few months we have surveyed over 400 marketing and agency professionals to discover their top challenges for 2019. We have just wrapped up analyzing the data for our 2019 Marketing Challenges Report.

A moment of Radical changes: revamp or die

As highlighted in the last SoDA report, marketing professionals and communication agencies are facing a moment of radical change, never previously witnessed.

Consumer buying habits have changed dramatically and those who are unable to adapt, simply die out. Our report highlights the top 6 problems this change in scenery creates for both marketing professionals and communication agencies.

These are the top 6 problems Marketing Pros are facing today:

1. Content chaos. This new way of buying has caused an exponential increase in the marketing content generated. We are talking about a company like Pepsi going from generating 4 content pieces per year to generating over 4000. Imagine the problems that this implies: organization of your team and their work flow, ensuring that all messages sent out are properly aligned with the global marketing strategy, etc.

2. Distribution channels madness. Only a few years ago we distributed our content marketing in no more than two or perhaps three media channels (blog, Facebook, Twitter). Today this number has increased dramatically (LinkedIn, Youtube, Slideshare, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Medium…) and with that increase It has substantially increased the complexity: you have to log in each channel and you spend a lot of time managing each of them.

3. Metrics mess. Measuring the impact your content has on your audience has become an almost impossible task. The metrics that we can calculate with relative ease are the number of visits that an article has generated and the activity that has originated in social networks. However, measuring our contents’ impact on the number of business contacts or sales is extremely complicated and when this is achieved it is usually done using an array of varying tools, none of which are integrated with each other. Marketing professionals are equally faced with a challenge when trying to measure the productivity of their content team or analyze their strategy metrics.

4. Content display inefficiency. One of our biggest frustrations as marketing professionals is that of verifying the reach of our content and its efficiency in reaching the right target audience. There is also that of trying to keep track of our content, effectively being to pull up old pieces and repurposing them over time. This over-abundance of content comes with its pitfalls as a user too. How many times have you arrived at a page looking for an answer and left as you found yourself lost among so many messages. Marketers are starting to respond to this with new areas of marketing: The Content Experience.

5. Marketing tools invasion and cost. Just only 7 years ago, the global report on marketing tools spoke of 125 tools available to marketers. Last year over 25,000 tools were reported! So, which one do I use? This explosion of partial solutions confuses marketers, who either do not know which one to choose or how to integrate the one they have chosen. This goes without mentioning the high cost involved turning the marketing department into that which spends the most on technological solutions in the United States.

6. Sales department enemy. It appears that the larger our activity and budget as a department greater is the hostility and gap between sales and marketing. Contrary to what is expected from marketing. Why is this happening? Well, sales complain that it does not receive quality contacts and content, something that should be provided by marketing. Sales reps demand efficient content specifically needed to close sales and often do not often find what they are looking for despite marketing having created it, generating tension between the two departments.

The Solutions.

A report of these characteristics would be incomplete without presenting the solutions. In the study we propose the following (summarized in this video):

1) From the content chaos to a systematic and organized content creation process.

2) From incomplete metrics, to full-cycle impact, productivity and strategy metrics.

3) From uncontrolled distribution channels, to automated distribution, simultaneous and programmed on all channels with a single click of a button.

4) From ineffective content to being able to present only relevant content for each individual user.

5) From the average of 12 different marketing tools, to one integrated, low cost and intuitive all-in-one platform capable of importing historical content and integrating with +1000 APIs.

6) From conflicts with sales, to working aligned and demonstrating the value the marketing department contributes.

Download a free copy of the report “The 6 Major Problems of the Marketing Professional in 2019“.