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Content Goals!

Goals are vital to a company... and content

Content Grows Your Business in 2018

The challenges that come with digital marketing continue to emerge alongside the evolving digital landscape. In the uncharted digital world, there will be obstacles and roadblocks. One of them is setting appropriate goals in the long and short term. Setting objectives for growing your digital presence and company are stepping stones for future ventures. In this article we are going to cover areas such as:

  • Thought Leadership

  • SEO

  • Striving for exponential growth

  • Short term goals that lead to progress

The objective of this article is to develop your understanding of the importance of having both short and long-term goals that help navigate the process of becoming an industry thought leader and how to accomplish it. What matters for those in charge or creating the objectives is what the leader of the campaign values more: short-term wins or long-term domination. Digital content marketing is as much as a craft as it is your company's future. So it is essential to understand what long and short-term goals should be put in place to achieve your long run.

Area’s to Dominate:

In the B2B sphere, there is a growing importance of digital content marketing, and not many have risen to the occasion. Developing a sufficient content marketing strategy can change the ways the market views your company. Many B2B’s have fallen behind because of the failure to innovate into the digital world. Dreamline Digital outlines the long-term goals and benefits of digital content marketing and the short-term objectives of how to digitize.

Industry Thought Leadership

A thought leader solidifies you as an expert and authority within the industry. The objective of thought leadership marketing is not to create sales orientated content but to provide value and an entry point to your business by branding yourself as an expert. This is exceptionally beneficial for companies and individuals in the B2B space because it makes them more trustworthy because of the amount of information they have already provided to prospect, prospects will feel more confident in their purchase. Cementing yourself as an industry thought leader is a long-term goal that produces lasting effects such as:

  • Digital maturity: Developing a digital brand that is always top-of-mind will ensure that your company is considered before the competition. Check out our blog about the benefits of having a digital brand.

  • Brand loyalty: Building a community that attracts the attention of companies, clients, consumers, prospects, and (even) competitors not only creates relationships, it ultimately leads to more sales. A loyal fan base is not achieved overnight; it takes time to nurture and build trust and credibility.

  • Brand affinity: Well-researched, authentic, honest, and straightforward communication that offers answers to real questions and challenges is vital to establish industry expertise. Done right, thought leadership has the potential to blur the lines that separate people when they interact through technology. To build a brand that is recognized as an industry leader, thought leadership means keeping the ‘human touch’ in human interaction.


SEO is more important than just being on the ranked on the first page of Google. It is about attracting organic traffic! The importance is shown based off the fact that GoogleAds is great but only 30% of online users will click on ads that come up during a Google search while 70% will click on the first ten organic non-ads (1st page). This is HUGE because the first options are paying for placement while the after the ads those placements are free! To build your SEO overall, you need to attract influencers, build links (we will talk about this in an upcoming article), and produce quality content that attracts engaged traffic. The long-term benefits to SEO are:

  • Traffic: Then leading to higher amounts of people going onto your website and potentially generate more leads through the correct targeting.

  • Positive PR: This goes along with being a thought leader in your industry, SEO makes sure of that as your brand ranks 1st people will assume inherently that you are legitimate.

  • Link Acquisition: Building links will 1: improve your domain authority, therefore enhancing your SEO 2: Will strengthen your awareness as you are taking advantage of industry KOL’s, thus, presenting your content to new people within your sector.

  • Conversions: Combine all of the benefits previously suggested you will eventually witness an increase in conversions and more qualified leads coming through your digital ecosystem. With a optimized site people are more likely to trust your company.

Exponential Growth YOY

I don’t mean quarterly, I mean five to ten year growth. Year after year do what is best for the long-term strategy of your company oppose doing what shareholders want to see on a quarterly basis.

Exponential growth as a goal is all about the consistency of content flow. Now and especially five years from now, the importance of a company being first a media company will be vital, as we are trying to find new ways for customers to interact and engage with our brands. Exponential growth on its own is not a goal, but the development and strengthening of your overall content strategy mindset is the objective to keep forcing innovation and brand advocacy.

B2B companies who develop this mindset immediately will see ongoing growth for years to come with the proper execution. In our following article, we will be talking about the future of digital marketing follow us to stay updated to mold your future oriented mindset.

Path to Creation

Short term goals are necessary for a business and your marketing campaigns. Short term goals can come with a great reward, but should not be expensed at the value of the long term objectives.

Growing Your Social Media Presence

Growing your social media presence in the short term is beneficial because it can lead to your overall long-term goal of becoming a thought leader in your industry. To grow your social media presence, it is vital to produce quality content, present it to the correct audience, and post regularly. By growing your follower count and engaged members you digital B2B’s are showing social proof. To build you channels you must: recognize what channel the attention is based in your industry, use quality content to drive traffic and use KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) for effective distribution, every industry has them. Use industry KOL’s audience to increase online presence in the sector.

Increase Brand Awareness

While growing your social media presence, this will also provide you with achieving the KPI of increasing brand awareness. You are introducing people to your brand, so you want to choose your pillar content wisely to lead them down the funnel of, introduction, following, engaging, conversation, sale. Think about how your content relates to the sales cycle and funnel leads accordingly. Brand awareness campaigns can be conducted through various social media channels by presenting the right content to the correct audience using paid ads. These ads do not need to be expensive (depending on your scope), start off with 5 dollars a day to gain data insights and then redefine (if required) and grow your budget after ten days of the data acquisition cycle.

Engaging With Customers

Engaging with customers means engaging with the already established community on social media channels. A community manager will be needed, as this is an intensive process. Be a part of the community by curating value-added comments and engaging with people who are showing interest in competitors.

Community management with of your content on social media is essential to mitigate sales by leading people who engage down the sales funnel and into the conversation stage. It is vital for your company to produce a community management strategy to predict the response of your content and mitigate. If there is negative feedback on your content that is released, you will also need a plan to defuse negative entries.

The Overall Importance

Short-term objectives will pave the road to long-term goals, but please do not value the short term over long term. Leaders who see likes, comments, shares ex, are leaders who do not know what real results are. The number does not matter it is the quality of the attention you are drawing that matters. Becoming a thought leader is a difficult challenge yet it provides the most ROI out of any long term goal. With the development of a future oriented mindset long term goals will not feel so far off, especially when along the way you are accumulating results.

Some insight into Dreamline Digital is that we want to provide as much value as possible in our process of becoming a B2B content solutions media company that has a “next steps” mentality. 10 years from now I see this company becoming a company of the B2B industry because: “every company is a media company” in 2018 and beyond.

In our next article, we will be talking about “Why B2B digital marketing is necessary” which will include the millennial decision-making positions, process, and the future of digital marketing giving you the opportunity on industry insight on how to scale your digital strategy. Stay tune and follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and make sure to share with a friend!

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