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How Technology Is Changing Marketing

The more marketing changes, the more its purpose stays the same. Regardless of the changes in technology, marketers will continue to do what they do best; appeal to the hearts and minds of consumers. Technology has never seen so much consumer~centric innovation. Just think about the tools we use every day:

  • Google Search

  • Alexa

  • Smartphones

  • Social

The transition of attention has occurred, yet many in-house marketing teams are left in the dust. To marketers, attention is currency and the lifeblood of a business.

Marketers know where the attention is, but how do we optimize it and where will it be in the future? Our research shows that marketing is going in 4 distinct directions in the not too distant future:

1. Personal Touch is & Always will be King

Content marketing isn’t anything new, but it is the ultimate way to drive leads and sales without being a nuisance to your target audience. By adding content via a blog or video channel to your site, you can create interest in your product/service while establishing your brand as a thought leader in your industry all while commanding industry authority.

Customers and prospects respect a brand that provides value to them as Aberdeen outlines through their market research of the content marketing industry: Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters.

2. It will be Easier to Find Customers

Technology, for inbound leads, enabled marketers to discover more about their website visitors. An early form of this technology can be seen using the Hubspot CRM’s “prospects” function, where the CRM run reverse IP lookups to match visitors with a company that they work for. In a couple of years, marketers will be able to understand more about each exact visitor.

Also, technologies such as Skrapp (Chrome Plugin) have made finding emails more accessible. Emails are more valuable than ever before because of the direct access to your target market decision-makers. This data capturing tech is only going to get better over time. Currently, email capturing plugins do not capture everyone's email; it usually only captures 75% of profiles.

3. Voice Search is Gaining Traction

The luxury of search is an ever-growing industry. With Alexa, Siri and other mobile search applications, usage is on a continuous rise. If your business is online, there is a chance that people will find your site or content through voice search. From Dreamline Digital’s research we found that SEO and the ability to rank high on Google will play a huge factor for increasing online reach, not just now but in the future.

According to Google, mobile searches are over 50 % (of searches.) Marketers will need to begin adapting to voice searches, which currently make up 20% of mobile searches, and that's expected to continue its growth similarly to how mobile has."

From Hornak's (owner of Blog Hands) perspective as a digital marketing expert with a specialty in creating content for small businesses, organisations with blogs or content streams need to alter their plans of attack for the age of voice search.

"Digital marketers will need to adjust their content strategy to be conversational and answer questions in simple terms. A simple technique they can apply in 2019 is work on providing FAQs – (answers to questions) that customers frequently have about their product – to their website. Remember to be detailed and conversational with your answers."

4. Data & AI will be a Marketer's Best Friend

New AI advancements are going to market day-by-day with a vast amount of utility. While AI has been discussed amongst marketers for years, we are reaching a point where even small businesses can see a benefit to it. One of the many critical benefits of AI is the ability to quickly assess data and turn it into actionable data, a benefit that is going to get more accurate and actionable over time.

An AI firm “Fizziology” takes client specific industry consumer analytics to help their users understand their audiences more. From the Co-Founder of Fizziology: “As a part of this evolution, we'll see brands add human intelligence to AI to make it more applicable and actionable to specific business goals. For example: how to create compelling content that converts your prospects into customers.

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