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How Marketers get Marketing Wrong

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Today’s average consumer of marketing content is both digitally savvy and sensitive to being sold to. Marketers, who are overly focused on the sales aspect of marketing, often miss opportunities to connect with their intended audience. Worse, most marketers fail to recognize that:

Adapt and win

Every Company IS a Media Company

It does not matter what product or service you have. If you do not have ubiquitous quality content, your brand is not building value. It is not having the intended impact and influence. Without content, your brand is missing out on participating in the millions of conversations taking place on digital devices every single second of the day. Companies want in on the action, and the distribution of content is at an all-time high. However, not every company has a winning strategy for their content. You cannot just throw material at social media and hope it will stick. You have to adopt a media-company mindset.

Savvy marketers understand that every company needs to transform into a media company. With the low cost of customer acquisition and the availability of digital tools and social media channels, the barriers to entering the digital domain have never been lower. Dreamline Digital, for instance, is more than a digital marketing agency, it is a media company. Dreamline Digital knows the importance of delivering high-quality content on the platforms that audiences prefer. This translates into qualified attention as the key to company growth where the focus is on the marketing outlets that have the most eyeballs, i.e. Social Media.

Add Value

B2B customers want their buying experience to be as interactive and engaging as those in B2C scenarios. Marketers that understand this enable their B2B clients to capture attention through multiple pieces of content that add customer value, generate shares, and ultimately lead them down the sales funnel. (Click Here for More Depth on How to Fix B2B Content)

These days, people know that they are being profiled and marketed to. Many resent it. Many try to actively block it. This forces marketers to find creative ways to distribute their content. This means avoiding the hard-sell, overtly promoting your product or service or adding a call to action. This means creating content that people want to read, rather than creating content that YOU want them to read. The modern-day marketer harnesses creativity with an understanding of human psychology to create quality content that drives consumers to follow and trust a brand.

Adding value is a vital aspect of creating content. In fact, value-added content is so baseline that it must be the primary objective. In content creation, aim for 90% added value and 10% promotion of your business. Never be afraid of giving away too much value because the more relevant and informative the content is, the more people will be willing to give you their time and attention. Granted, many people that you will be adding value to will not execute on that value, but they will start to see you as the holy grail holder of such knowledge, therefore valuing you as an industry leader.

A prime example of how to add value is Dreamline Digital’s first post on LinkedIn. The caption (“How B2B marketing is broken and how to fix it”) shows precisely what to expect without giving away too much which leads people to ask questions such as “Is B2B broken?”, “How is it broken?”, “What tips can I get from this article?” and “What are some solutions relevant to my industry?”

The way to look at creating content is all about seeing what you can do for other people, not what other people can do for you. Which goes back to the Tony Robbins quote: “The power to living is giving,” providing more value than the person next to you will improve the way you feel about yourself, and your company's return.

Be Genuine and Be Human

Value cannot be forced. You have to have a desire (a problem that requires a solution) before value can be added. In the same way that people know when they are being sold to, they can also sense when content is not genuine. Being genuine is the most important attribute that a marketer can possess. Natural givers check all the boxes of the attributes of a modern digital content marketer. They believe in solving REAL issues for other people, which is ultimately what business is about; solving problems to make life easier.

Don't generate content that is copied & pasted from your sales pitch. Seek to solve problems for the good of the client and their audience.

** After this article you may be asking yourself…” If producing valuable content takes up my time and money, than what is in it for me?” Check out our blog “Content Increases ROI

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