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B2B Marketing is Broke!

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

The B2B buyer has changed, but businesses have been left behind as a result of the commercialization of technology and the rise of social media. B2B companies with a digital media acumen are generally held in higher regard by prospective and existing customers; positive social influence signifies that others have had a meaningful experience with the product or service. B2B Marketing relies on similar principles as B2C, just with different modifications. B2C buyers choose products based on a variety of reasons such as popularity, status, price and other emotional triggers, while in a B2B scenario, purchasers make decisions on price and profit potential alone. Many B2B marketers feel as if online isn't the territory for them.

We are addicted to our cellphones

The main misconception B2B marketers hold is that their campaigns consist of soft goals such as “getting our name out there.” Content produced is considerably dry, generates little conversation, value and does little to further perceptions of the brand. Potential customers do not want to hear about businesses analytics or news release preparation; they want to be provided with a solution that benefits them or helps to solve a problem.

Research is necessary; there's a vast quantity of information online, the question remains how do you stand out? Relevance online comes through providing more value than anyone else, and finding the perfect balance of entertainment, inspiration,

education and influence, then linking the reader to the

content hub … your website!

Producing such content assists with:

  • Educating pre-qualified customer about the company’s product or service

  • Maintains and builds relationships with pre-qualified, qualified customers and ultimately those who have purchased (and are looking to repeat purchase)

  • Adding value to the customer that help to solve real business problems

The result is: more informed buyers participating in sales meetings knowledgeable about your product/service, making it easier to close. The customer is then merely seeking one extra piece of information… the price and value.

Creating content that addresses questions that are posed in sales meetings while sharing it on social media (to select segments), sees traffic to websites grow exponentially. The traffic is not just random people; they are qualified leads!

In this instance, we can do two things to ensure that we do not lose the leads that visit the company site. Have them subscribe to our email list, and re-target them.

The B2B clientele mindset has changed. They are looking for a similar engagement and interaction as they experience as a consumer. Dreamline Digital creates value, driving engaging customers to your website, capturing serious contacts, re-targeting them, producing qualified leads resulting in more sales, ultimately adding customers who are genuine advocates and repeat purchasers.

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