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Getting Started On Baidu


As you probably know, Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. Making it an essential channel, if you want to run online advertising in the country. Opening an account on Baidu is much more complicated than on Google, and you'll need to provide a range of documents and information to do so.

So, let's go through what you'll need one by one.


Your website in simplified Chinese. That might sound obvious, but you can't advertise on Baidu without it.


You'll need to provide a copy of your business registration document or certificate of incorporation. This will need to be provided in its original language, and also translated into simplified Chinese.


You'll need to take a screenshot from your local government or authority's website showing the registration status of your business. This screenshot must show the URL of the webpage in the search bar. And again, will need to be provided in the original language and in simplified Chinese.


You'll need to provide a screenshot of your website with the URL in the search bar. For number five, you'll need to submit proof of your company's bank account. You can do this in one of three ways. By providing a copy of a check you've paid, a bank statement, or a remittance record.

The full name and address on the bank account must be identical to the one on your business registration document. Be aware that a blank check will not be accepted as proof.


There's an account administration fee of around 175 pounds, or $210.00. There's also an account verification fee of 70 pounds, or $100.00 that you'll need to pay annually from the second year onwards.

You'll also need to top off your account with funds before you can start running any ads on Baidu. If you're in the banking, finance, healthcare, airline or travel agency industries, extra documentation will be required to open an account.

Additional Information

If you don't have a registered office or business in China, you'll need to work with a partner there or an agency with the ability to open accounts with Baidu.

Or: Your original business license + the business license translated into Chinese by a designated translation agency appointed by Baidu (scanned copies should include both original and translated versions in the same image with company chop or legal representative’s signature & passport copy, and a handwritten statement of “与原件一致”).

Setting up a Baidu advertising account normally takes around five to seven working days. Although, it can take more than two months if you're in one of the more sensitive industries mentioned above. Like finance or healthcare.

Our native Chinese PPC specialists have plenty of experience in setting up Baidu advertising accounts for clients, so if you're looking for some help getting started with Baidu PPC get in touch with us today.

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