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Does YOUR CMO Know How a Digital Brand Benefits YOUR B2B?

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Many B2Bs have the luxury feel that five-star hotels provide. These are the companies that understand the value of creating a brand. But what about their digital brand? Contrary to industry belief, digital branding is not solely for consumer-centric companies.

US national average use on a cellphone per day is 5 hours! In Asian countries, EVEN MORE therefore MORE OPPORTUNITIES

In fact, B2Bs can now augment their message to a limitless extent, within their target market, at a remarkably low cost. In the past, building a brand was much more intensive and complicated with the high prices of celebrity endorsements, ad agencies, and TV, billboard and radio engagement. Furthermore, the turn-around time in ad drives was much slower.

Conveying the underlying value of a company is vital to maintain existing and to attract potential customers. A Digital Brand gives companies the ability to connect with their audience, create conversation, inspire opinion, and drive conversions through low-cost remote channels.

B2Bs that already have a successful brand must transform that brand onto digital platforms to stay relevant. Today’s digitally savvy B2B customers expect a robust digital experience. Furthermore, given the complexity of B2B, the many stakeholders involved expecting more than just a sales pitch. They expect a customer experience that aligns digital technology with their company’s unique needs ultimately intertwining interest and benefit into the customer journey. Without expertise and insight, transforming into a digital brand and constructing demand can be a challenge in the black hole of the Internet.

The impactful benefits to building a B2B brand are:

  • Charge a premium price ( Your established expertise )

  • Increase sales ( More consumer trust )

  • Require less time to close the sales cycle ( More inclination of use )

General aspect on how to build a brand

These benefits lead directly to higher ROIs. Building a brand that adds value and generates those likes, comments, and shares that everyone looks for creates a pack mentality. Similar to many positive testimonials, customers will gravitate to your company because the popular opinion is that your company is an influencer and an industry leader.

The principal aspect of having a digital brand is that you can communicate with your target market. No more one-way streets. B2Bs can now showcase their new products, services or updates and see firsthand how their customers are behaving and make predictions, thus increasing the accuracy of R&D.

Branding has a variety of positive aspects, B2B customers are looking into similar elements in which they experience in B2C scenarios. Creating positive brand awareness amongst your target market will position your B2B for continued leadership and success within the market space.

What Dreamline does is retrieve the core values of your company, and expand on them to create a brand personality that your target market can associate to that enriches the market superiority of your organization. The content that we create for you will stay true to your values, and outreach across social media channels.

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