If Busy is the New Stupid: Quieting Your Mind is the New Solution

While neither idea is ‘new’ per se (Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ argument that ‘busy is the new stupid’ can be traced back to the Old Testament while meditation is thousands of years old) words like ‘prayer, joy, peace, clarity, energy’ rarely come up in the business world. If someone came up to you and said, “I can help you reset your aura” would you avoid them, write them off as ‘weird’, or would you lean in; eager to learn more? What if, instead of talking about energy and colors, they said: “I can help you be more productive.”

Mindful leaders (CEOs, leadership and executive coaches etc...) who have embraced quieting your mind as a way to be more productive, have more energy, certainty, and enthusiasm have learned to close the gap between business and spiritual-talk. Most of the people they talk to have been trained to observe, measure, and weigh the pros and cons. Most people pride themselves on being practical and logical, but in many ways, this model is broken. The model of constantly observing what ‘is’ (i.e. the forest of problems, issues, facts etc...) and wanting it to be different is exhausting because we cannot see the solutions (the trees).

Leaders who communicate the value of a quiet mind follow basic principles. In fact, these principles can be applied to any situation where ideas you feel strongly about are being communicated.

  1. Don’t doubt yourself. Your doubt makes others doubt.

  2. Don’t get sucked in to what others are saying or believing. You’ll get flustered.

  3. Don’t argue for your limitations. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone.

  4. Don’t keep the conversation going if YOU stop making sense. (Time to quiet YOUR mind!)

In other words, leaders know that communicating a new idea (such as meditation) is never about other people not understanding or agreeing. It is about not allowing what others think to affect you so that you are not in agreement with yourself.

Leaders who meditate or who teach others to quiet their minds know it is easier to teach someone to have no thought than to teach someone to have pure positive thought. You cannot change a negative thought to a positive thought all at once but you can quiet your mind if you care about it.

When ‘quieting your mind’ becomes a daily habit for more people, words like ‘meditation and clarity’ will become commonplace in more settings; i.e. business or spiritual. According to the 2019 Global Wellness Summit, meditation is going mainstream yet mindfulness has always has been a remedy to ‘being busy’. I mean, it is not as if there is an “expiration date on 5,000-year-old solutions!”

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