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4 Steps to Win With Content Marketing in 2019

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The marketing world is changing day by day. New tools and tech are emerging, improving the quality of content and making it more interactive. Furthermore, traditional marketing tactics are becoming obsolete as consumers become more suspicious of push sales techniques, fueling the demand for value-added marketing. As content marketing continues to mature and grow in prominence, the next four trends will mould the way companies and audiences create and consume content in 2019 onwards.

Content Marketing is Going to be Marketing.

Social media marketing and content marketing are relatively new game changers in the digital marketer’s toolkit (think 2007). Essentially, content marketing is reliant on social media marketing to extend its reach through various social media platforms but it is content marketing that adds value to the consumer’s perception of a brand. Marketing in the past has been a one-sided conversation: brands delivering the message they want people to hear, without actively listening to their audience. Unfortunately, content marketing has and still is looked at by many companies as a side project. Companies that embrace the power of content marketing on average generate 50% more sales-ready leads, and they do it at a cost that is lower, by 33%.

Content marketing plays a significant role in building brand awareness and consumer trust and has proven itself as the most prolific tactic of marketing today. With consistent, timely, and relevant content, marketers can build trust, expand brand recognition, generate site traffic as well as qualified leads and sales.

2. Preparation is becoming more essential.

Preparation is everything, planning your every move with anticipation in mind. Businesses can not just release content without having objectives. Content is compelling, but it is not a magic bullet. Therefore, a content marketing strategy is needed to maximize the effectiveness of content and to secure audience engagement.

Each company will have unique goals such as lead generation, SEO, and thought leadership. Once targets are identified, companies can then make a corresponding content strategy designed for success.

With the way modern buying behavior has shifted, content is continuing to play a vital role in attracting new customers. Buyers on average look at 11.4 pieces of content before making a buying decision. The Content Marketing Institute says “65 per cent of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy.”

3. Customer success / loyalty is the new frontier.

Customer success refers to the ways companies help consumers gain the most value from their product or service. In the era of social media, it isn’t enough to make a sale then leave people hanging. Today’s consumers demand maximum value from their purchases and savvy businesses are responding by producing in-depth content on how to get the most out of the product/service, engaging with them on media outlets and through personalized interactions. Customer success will ultimately encourage word of mouth marketing (the most potent source) and develop stronger relationships with buyers. With a content strategy produced with a focus on the customer, successful businesses can devote fewer resources to negative responses and more resources into growing their brand.

4. Distribution continues to be a driver of success.

The best content, the best product/service is useless if no one sees it. The online world has become and will become more crowded, where and how you distribute your content is a critical component of your content marketing strategy.

Don’t let your investment in content go unnoticed. Companies need to extend further than social media trends. Some extensions would include email marketing which still helps to reach your prospects directly, distributing content through sales teams to candidates to get relevant material into your target markets hands and speaking engagements (which can be recorded and turned into macro content then distributed on online outlets). Speaking engagements are one of the best ways to share your message while adding value and generating interest.

In 2019, content marketing will take over as the primary means of marketing. Companies must adopt a media company mindset to ensure they prevail as opposed to fade into irrelevance.


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