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Ma Belle Peau


From 0 to $50K Monthly Revenue

&10K Visitors Per Day 

Our Client

Ma Belle Peau is a French brand created in 2014, which specializes in sports legging.


The landing pages were very basic, the website design was weak, and the marketing campaigns were falling short of their potential. The challenge was to conduct an audit of their online presence and provide them with a brand new strategy. 

How We Got There


We established a baseline for Ma Belle Peau with a mission of turning it into a fully functional e-commerce storefront. We analyzed the type of ads that were being run on Google and Facebook by competitors in Europe and France.


Using the data collaborated in the analysis, we identified keywords (Google Adwords), targeting parameters and creative optimization (Facebook) and developed a design for an optimal landing page. 

The website, as well as ad the branding, was the determining factor. We found most competitors did not have sufficient branding and their sites were quite messy; therefore, the landing page was a prime opportunity to display a good branding with an excellent offer. 


Upon the landing page completion, we started low budget facebook and google ads for testing. 

Once testing was complete, we used the data to optimize the ads. Leading to 7 to 10 sales a day during the first month and 20+ sales a day after the first month. 

So far they have not made a single month with less than 50K in sales and still increasing. We always monitor their results and try to optimize their conversion funnel 



Visitors In Landing Pages First Month


In Sales 


Return On Ad Spend For A Breakeven of 1.98

Services Used

Facebook Marketing

Google AdWords

Website Design / Creation