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Rebranding of a Public Company

Our Client

Ellipsiz Communications is a Taiwanese & Canadian big data analytics public company which is publicly traded on the TSX. 


Ellipsiz did not have an area to point potential investors before the creation of our landing page. Ellipsiz's investors come from around the world; therefore, they needed a central place to send potential investors. 

How We Got There


We established a baseline by assessing other big data companies around the world, along with sites that were made for attracting investors and B2B buyers. ​We used previous experiences from our Cryptocurrency clients that were looking for investors and used a similar format. 


Using the data collaborated in the analysis, we identified the best characteristics of the top landing pages and websites in the industry, prioritizing the influence of the call to actions and modern branding aspects to improve on the previous front page they had. 


We are continuing to build out and track the website to influence the growth of the relevant site traffic that is built in accordance with Ellipsis goals and objectives. 



Visitors In Landing Pages First Month


Qualified Investor Leads

Services Used

Facebook Marketing

Google AdWords

Website Design / Creation