This client still under contract came to use to generate more leads, having a B2B company in the IoT Industry they were looking to draw attention to them and sign more contracts. We started an Outreach using our Database of 250+ million professional associated with a high quality email sequence.


We started by learning a bit more about their audience, we wanted to be as precise as possible and target only the decision-makers within key companies.

Then we built the email sequence using a proven method that has generated very good results for our clients. With that method, we are able to have a consistent open rate of 35% across all of our campaigns.


We started the outreach in November 2020.


By December 2020, only one month after we started, they saw a 42% increase in website traffic and an average of 10 leads a week

Thanks to the precision of the database targeting and the high quality of our proven email method, they are now able to get a consistent flow of new leads, building out their pipeline. 

Their revenues increased by 45% in January 2021 compared to October 2020 before they started working with us.

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