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CoStar Experience is the first fan to talent engagement platform. For the First time fans from anywhere on any device can speak with professional athletes and celebrities.


CoStar had a variety of UFC talent in 2018, then in 2019 they only had two talents, this being Jeremy Shada and Avery Williamson. The two talent are lesser known with very small fan bases. Therefore doubling their subscriber base was going to be a challenge, without any real marketable product / service.

How We Doubled Their Subscribers


We assessed companies that are similar 


Using the data collaborated in the analysis, we identified keywords (Google Adwords), targeting parameters and creative optimization (Facebook) and developed a design for an optimal landing page. 

The landing page is the true deciding factor. We found most competitors did not have a dedicated landing page and their websites were quite messy, therefore, the landing page was a primary opportunity. 


Upon the landing page completion we started low budget facebook and google ads for testing. 

Once testing was complete we used the data to optimize the ads. Leading to 21 qualified leads in the first month and 25 more leads that were added to the pipeline. 



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