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Team Kassi

How we increased website traffic from 20 views a week to 300+, therefore influencing sales.

Our Client

Team Kassi is a global snowboarding organization catered to Koreans who want to experience the world on the slopes.


With the Olympics approaching Team Kassi needed to reach people in a different manner (other than Word of Mouth) in order to attract more customers over the many competitors at the event.

How We Got There


Team Kassi was looking to prepare for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. People from all over the world were coming to the epicentre of athletics, and they needed to increase their industry authority to influence the consideration stage of the marketing funnel. We created content around snowboarding, ie. how you can become a better border, best runs to do on the mountain and adrenaline racing videos.  


All pieces of content had a strategic call to action, progressing the prospective buyer down the sales funnel and people who bounced off the site (left without taking action) were re-targeted.

With the content, we were able to increase the awareness of the organisation in Pyeongchang for the Olympics. Athletes visiting the partner restaurant in the village were used as Olympic influencers were used to build awareness of the "best lessons in town".


Ultimately Team Kassi became the top snowboarding company in Pyeongchang during the Olympics.  



Olympic Influencers


Increase In Lesson Sales


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