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AyA Kitchen Gallery

(Lead Generation)

2000 Visitors In The First Month

42 Qualified Leads On $40,000 Sales In Three Months.

Our Client

AyA Kitchen Gallery is a Canadian Kitchen Home Renovation Designer who specializes in manufacturing and installing modern kitchens.


The landing pages were very basic for the franchises, no advertising history or online marketing history.  So we didn't have a benchmark of any sort until we conducted our industry analysis.

How We Got There


We had to establish a baseline for AyA Kitchen Gallery due to the lack of past online activity. We analyzed the type of ads that were being run on Google and Facebook by competitors in the Toronto Area. 


Using the data collaborated in the analysis, we identified keywords (Google Adwords), targeting parameters and creative optimization (Facebook) and developed a design for an optimal landing page. 

The landing page is the true deciding factor for converting prospects into customers. We found most competitors did not have a dedicated landing page, and their websites were quite messy; therefore, the landing page establishment was a prime opportunity. 


Upon the landing page completion, we started low budget facebook and google ads for testing. 

Once testing was complete, we used the data to optimize the ads and spent the budget according to the best converting test ad. 



Visitors In Landing Pages First Month




Qualified Leads

Services Used

Facebook Marketing

Google AdWords

Website Design / Creation