AI Overview: Dreamline Digital uses AI targeting technology that is accessible to only the biggest agencies in the world, such as Group M & Ogilvy. We provide this technology & implement its findings for all of our clients at no charge. 


Paid advertising is of course a very effective mean to reach your audience because it's fast and can be tailored to a certain group of person which enables you to convert more leads into customers. 

Search Ads / Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Paid advertising on search engines is efficient for businesses that want to drive more traffic to their website and get qualified leads. By setting a list of relevant keywords about your business, you can drive a lot of cheap traffic to your website and grow your company. 

Display Ads (Banner)


Banner ads will show on websites that are relevant to your business, this can be a very useful tool when used properly. Indeed your ads will be seen by people that are already educated on your industry, therefore giving more chance to convert them into customer. 

Social Media Ads

YouTube | Facebook  | Tik Tok | Instagram

Social Media Ads are the most effective ads, you can reach your audience faster and target the right people easily. Our Social media experts have seen that on average our clients get a 358% increase in Lead generation after we implemented Social media ads for them. 

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